Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt is an award winning Author, Plant Based Nutrition Guide and Herbal Mixologist. She is Founder of Life and Light Wellness LLC, a firm that offers holistic lifestyle coaching, plant-based education (including how to make the transition into a plant based lifestyle) and herbal detoxification guidance and products.

Sahsha is the 2016 recipient of the “Health is Wealth” award presented by Black Girlz Rock San Diego Chapter, for her exemplary passion and work in holistic wellness. Sahsha has shared her message of intrinsic fitness and plant based wellness nationally and internationally, having traveled to South Africa as a speaker at local churches, businesses, learning centers, and at the 2017 Woman On The Grow International conference discussing the importance of holistic wellness, mental and physical detoxification and a plant-based lifestyle.

Sahsha’s latest endeavor is a series of interactive workshops called Redesign Your D.N.A Through A Plant Based Lifestyle which explores the multitude of ways you can reset certain aspects of your DNA through mental and physical detoxification, whole food, plant based diet, and physical and mental exercise.

Her book, The Well, Where Fitness Begins From Within is available on To learn more about the philosophy behind Redesign Your D.N.A Through A Plant Based Lifestyle™, Please visit