3 Steps To Conquering The Corona

We are living in an unprecedented time in our world. Whether you’re infected or not, there isn’t one human being that’s not affected by the viral pandemic called the Coronavirus. We are faced with a lot more questions than answers and some of us are utilizing more fear than faith. There are plenty of things within this we cannot control, but believe me when I say there are plenty more that you can!

If we take a look back in history, whether personally or on the planet, one thing is for certain: this too shall pass! Even with that truth, even after all the hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and canned goods are purchased, you are desperate to feel like you have some personal power. You need to know what you can do internally to combat this virus externally RIGHT NOW! Here is The 3 Step RESET to Combat The Corona!

1. Redesign your mind – Your body follows your mind. When we’re filled with what appears to be a threat to our lives, if we are not given a solution, it can create fear. Once fear permeates our mind, it sends our body into an adrenaline rushes as if you’re gearing up for intense impact. That system is supposed to kick in on a slight occasion, let’s say when you have that split second to brace for impact from a car accident. The challenge in our world now is that we are bombarded with reasons to be afraid. Unchecked fear will break down the immune system, which opens you up for illness. The way to minimize fear is to FOCUS on your present moment! Look at your immediate environment. Deep breathe. Then ask yourself

  • Am I lacking anything in this moment that prevents me from being alive? (If course you not. If you were you couldn’t be reading this)
  • Have I overcome situations in the past that I thought would defeat me?
  • What can I choose to believe RIGHT NOW that will make me feel more alive?

2. Reassess Your Health – No matter what your current condition is physically, you can always be engaging in something to help it! If you think you’re in tip-top shape health-wise, great! But don’t get complacent! One of the easiest ways to begin restoring your wellness is to look at where you are now and what you’ve done to get to this point. Simply by doing the opposite of what caused chaos in your body can create instant calm to your organs. Have your thoughts been focused on your diagnosis meaning the end? Instead, declare that it’s your chance for a new beginning! Have you consumed more soda, coffee, sugar, and junk food more than water, fruit, and whole foods in general? Hit up your local market! While processed and can foods may be running low, there are tons of fresh food available waiting for you to consume it!

3. Revisit Your Spirit – That “thing” within you that has brought you through various storms, that keeps you going when you are tapped out, that gives your flesh life, WORKS without you playing a part. How is that possible? Because SPIRIT IS ENERGY. It needs no assistance. But when you tap into that energy source and work WITH it, not only will you live a life that can immediately activate that which you desire, you can live longer and happier! Miracles happen when you redesign your mind, reassess your health and revisit your spirit! But you must take action! Some of the ways to tune in within are:

Playing music that moves you. How does it feel when your favorite song plays? Do you know your internal energy recharges from sound vibrations like a cell phone plugged into a wall charger?

Deep Breathing. Relax your shoulders. Close your eyes. Set an intention aimed at feeling peace. Breathe in deep through your nose and out hard through your mouth to empty out your lungs real good. Increase the force of your breathing as you up your reps. Do this for 30 seconds. You may begin to feel tingles. Can we say hello spirit? After 30 seconds, begin to relax out of this. Breathe easy. Don’t allow your mind to run amuck. Enjoy every moment of peace and calm as you slowly open up your eyes.

Hydrate. Water is a conductor. Its pure energy waiting to perform what you ask of it! Most of us are at home or involved in limited social activity right now, so drink water until your belly is full every couple of hours. Thank it for cleansing your body and rebuilding your cells! The more you drink, the less you will feel hunger which is a great segue into fasting which studies show has an amazing healing capacity both mentally and physically!

I know participating in these simple activities will bring calm to your mind and body and give you a sense of empowerment you haven’t experienced in a while! If you’re ready to dive deeper into your unlimited potential, especially in the areas of weight release or reclaiming your wellness, I invite you to click here! I look forward to working with you!

Infinite Blessings, Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt                                                  

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