FAQ The Internal Body Detox

Do I have to take drops or pills with a meal?
>No. Herbs will most likely not have an ill effect if taken on an empty stomach. Formulas are to be taken every 2-3 hours whether you are ready to eat or not.


What symptoms will I experience while detoxing?
>Depending on the level of toxicity in your body, some experience fatigue, headache and nausea, which typically lasts 1-2 days. This is a result of toxins being released into the bloodstream. Some experience these symptoms between day 3 and 7 of detox while some have very little to no symptoms of toxic release.


Will the detox interfere with any medication I’m taking?
>It’s the job of the detox to begin cleansing all toxins from your body. The detox, however, doesn’t require you to stop taking your doctor prescribed medications, therefore you can continue taking all medications while detoxing. If you are under physicians care, please consult with him or her before beginning this and any program.


Can I just juice and drink smoothies while detoxing?
>Absolutely. Many find it more convenient and feasible to only consume liquid meals while detoxing. As long as the beverages one consumes adheres to the food guidelines of detox, smoothies, juices, teas, etc are fine.


Will it send me to the bathroom a lot?
>Unlike cleanses that just target one area of your body, this detox thoroughly cleanses all your major eliminative channels gently, without extreme stimulation. Therefore, bowel movements, once elimination begins in the colon, will be thorough yet controlled and not sudden, like most overly stimulating colon cleanses.


What temperature can I process my meals and it still be considered raw?
>Raw is any whole, plant food prepared from 0-118 degrees. Many raw foods can be prepared in a food dehydrator to add variety to taste and texture of meals. Sun drying fruits and vegetables are another option.


Is the detox kit enough to share?
>The 20 day system supplies enough herbs to cleanse and reset one person. Sharing the detox is not recommended as it will not provide maximum benefits.


How often should I detox?
>Depending on the level of encumbrance in an individual’s body, it is recommended to detox 1-2 times a year. Many have benefited from “back to back” detoxing. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks between detox sessions in an effort to allow all the herbs consumed from previous detox time to work in your body.


Can I consume nut or seed milk while detoxing? How will I know what to eat?
>Its best to make your own nut or seed milk while detoxing so you can avoid the additives that store bought milks have in it. Recipes for nut milk and many more food suggestions as well as instructions are included with purchase of detox.


Will I be able to workout while detoxing?
>Depending on your bodies response, it is acceptable to work out while detoxing. If your body is feeling any fatigue on a particular day, it’s an indicator that your body is working hard to release toxins, therefore strenuous exercise may not be best on that day. Tune into your body’s signals to know how to proceed with exercise.


What if I skip a formula?
>If you skip a formula you can either wait at least 30-45 minutes to take the missed formula if it’s after you have taken another formula, or take missed formula at the end of the day or end of detox. The best way not to miss a formula is to set a timer or reminder on your phone. Missing a formula occasionally will not greatly affect the detox as long as you remember to take it all by detoxes end.


Is it recommended to take supplements while detoxing?
>It’s recommended to allow herbs to work by themselves without interference. All natural plant based supplements that contain no fillers may be taken if needed for energy and vitality. Please check source of your supplements or visit www.lifeandlightwellness.com


I think my child needs to detox. What’s the recommended age?
> Depending on the diet and overall health of a child, the only detoxing a child may need is a diet of fresh fruits and vegetable along with ample amounts of water and select nutritive supplements. Life and Light Herbs will be introducing a Children’s Detox soon, but any child 12 and up can take The Internal Body Detox.


I need more accountability during this process. What do you recommend?
> The Impilo Holistic Detox Package is suited for those who need more of a one on one walk while detoxing. It includes detox system, phone calls while you’re on your detox journey, a wellness assessment quiz and more. Please visit www.lifeandlightwellness.com


Is it ok to detox while breastfeeding?

>It’s not advised to detox while breastfeeding because toxins become active in the bloodstream and organs with the increased intake of herbs and healing foods. Whatever is active in your bloodstream becomes part of your breast milk and in turn, is fed to your nursing child. Once breastfeeding is complete you may choose to detox safely.