Intrinsic Wellness Guidance Sessions


  • A healthier, more powerful perspective of their life’s experiences. Those who’ve participated in guidance sessions with Sahsha say they’ve come to understand that life happened FOR them, not TO them.


  • Enjoyment of their journey. Clients report that after sessions with Sahsha they are able to see the beauty in the present moment and enjoy each experience that makes up their journey. They NOW understand that whatever they desire for tomorrow begins today. There is power in the present!


  • Manifestations of a reality THEY’VE always wanted. Clients have testified that, as a result of our sessions, they begin to manifest, almost effortlessly, the things they desire outside of the opinions of others and because of that , they develop the confidence to envision and manifest more abundance.


  • Holistic fitness. Guidance with Sahsha helps her clients understand the connection between how you feel and what you eat. Eating is a physical response to an emotional call (outside of hunger). Once clients excavate and resolve their feelings they no longer crave foods to make them feel good or fill “holes.” They feel good holistically. They naturally desire more whole foods and as result, physical weight is released.

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