Consultation (Video or Phone).

One hour Consultation to give you a CLEAR IDEA of your “Wellness Score” along with simple but powerful steps tailored to YOU, to get you started on your way to a higher level of inner and outer wellness.

Wellness Recap Quiz and Assessment with Sahsha.

This quiz is designed as a portal of transparency into your current emotional and physical state of being. Once taken, it will begin to reveal 1) the core of your belief system 2) how it’s had a hold on your life, and 3) your willingness to change your beliefs in order to manifest the joy you  deserve.

Wellness prescriptions.

Based on your assessment, I will prescribe a unique physical and emotional wellness practice that will jump start and revitalize your mental clarity and physical well-being. This prescription is intended to gauge what holistic practices will work best for you! Prescriptions may include:

A morning ritual that will support your focus and centeredness through the day. An affirmation treatment to support you in reprogramming your thinking. A morning movement challenge. A fast from certain behaviors or foods. Connecting with nature. An evening journaling exercise. An introduction to a new recreational activity and more!

“Well-Come to Wellness” – Audio recording of 17 POWERFUL affirmations to refill your inner well.


Once payment is received you will be emailed a confirmation of payment and a link to the quiz. The quiz is to be completed and returned at least 24 hours before your session.