I whole-heartedly live my life believing that everything we need to succeed is in us, around us, under us, and over us…naturally. From our intuition to our education, from our environment to our nourishment, we have access to a multitude of opportunities that can excel us to heights we’ve never imagined or experienced, health included.

As a plant based and wholistic wellness advocate I have used and recommended some of nature’s best herbs to reset my internal systems and refresh both my own physical body and mind, and the complete bodies of others, and from my research and daily use, I bring to you the best of what nature has presented to we.

I don’t believe that being well has to be complicated…its simple. Get good, uninterrupted rest, don’t diet, eat whole, enzyme and mineral rich plant based foods often, move your body, examine your thoughts, and engage in moments of sunshine and silence. But that doesn’t always happen.

What you eat and what supplements you take are pivotal to how you bounce back from the “off” days you are destined to have. Your body must be “on” point.

I present to you a select blend of herb foods that if taken daily, can optimize your wellness and restore current states of dis-ease that so many suffer from, because they don’t know that healing is available NOW and that healing is ALWAYS an option.

I look forward to your restoration and reinvigoration.

In Life and Light,
Sahsha Campbell-Garbutt


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 *If under doctors care, please consult with physician before beginning any dietary changes*.